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Writers' Challenge 2

Annual LiveJournal Rabbit Hole Day

...because I'm not too proud to steal my ideas from others. Unfortunately, I found out about this a bit too late to post it as a challenge ahead of time, but why let some arbitrary temporal scale stop us? Here's an excerpt of the idea from the creator's own post:

When you wake up on the 27th [that is, when you reply to this challenge - ed.], instead of writing about your usual work and school and politics and friends and relationship and stuff, experience life down the Rabbit Hole and write about the work, the school, the politics, the friends, the relationships, the stuff that you find there instead. Travel through time. Turn into an animal. Flee from assassins. Talk to your goldfish. Conquer Greenland. Sprout some extra limbs. Learn how to walk on water. Marry an insect.

So have at it! Write something bizarre and/or surreal! I'll comment with my own entry, because I love me some assassins.

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I did this in my own journal to try to half-heartedly "fool" people. It was fun to do as a creative exercise, anyway...

Holy Shit!

Ih ope i have the time to type this out...

I stopped by skidmore college tonight with some friends from SAratoga and I wanted to save a file they'd shown me (just some funny humor stuff) but they didn't have a disk and I thought it would be too big an attachnment for my e-mail. So I went to a vending machine downstairs because they sell diskettes for a dollar, and I got a disk.

When I tried to load it on the computer it autmatically brought up some kind of operating syetem that contacted the itnernet and make the firewall go all crazy. It was downloading something on the computer, or something, so John quickly ejected it before some virus got on orsomething.

Then, the phone rang. John said ti was some guy from the colleg testing the phone line to see if it was connected to the right room. I didn't think much about it but now I think it had sonmething to do with what happened later.

So we were getting ready to leave and heading down the hallway of his dorm and at the end of the hallyway the door opened and a bunch of ghuys with guns came out and ran down the hallway. We freaked out and went out the door thinkign there was some kind of domestic problkem or whatever, but Mike was last and he saw they were going to John's door and they kicked it in.

In thye pakrking lot we ran to my car to get out of there, but there were no lights or police or anything and it seemed normal. Then some guys started shouting at us and running towards us, and everytone was yelling at once, and I gunned the gas and drove kidna crazy tro get out of there.

Thenw e heard gun shots.

The rest is kinda a blur, but Mike said he heard someone yelling about a disk, and I wasn't sure what to do. We were all kinda freaked and didn't know who to call but I decided we HAD to call 911 so I did, but when the operator routed me to the country sheriff, she was asking all kind of weird questions like "Where are you now?" and "Hold onto the disk" because I toldh er the whole thing statred with the disk. It just seemed weird, maybe it was normal, I don't know, but I sweare I saw a car behind me with no headlights on and I think it wasd following me, but I think I lost it, or maybe I imagined it.

So I'm at Mike's house, and I'm really freaked out, and we're going to go because idf something is happening I don't think ti's safe to be here. It's probably not a good idea to say where we're going, in case, or whatever. I hope this is all me freaknig out of nothing, but wehen you hear gunshots you get kinda worried. If anyone is reading this, ?I have nothing to do with the disk, I sweaer.

You guys are all gonna laugh at me because it's nothing probably, but if you don't hear from me, I love you all. Check the comments to this entryh for updates. We're going now.