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okay, heres a challenge. first, list your genre of choice. what style do you write? what time frame? what point of view? etc. What type of writing is your most comfortable.

then write a piece, whatever length etc. that is absolutely out of your comfort zone.

post behind an lj-cut and have fun with it.
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I intend to get to this soon (school's out... for... the summer!)

I write in all kinds of settings, times, and styles. The only thing I'm horribly uncomfortable with is poetry, so:

Somewhere along the highway
A car sits empty
As it has for hours
The keys dangling listlessly
The yellow indicator whispers
That the gas gauge has crouched
Upon the orange E
For quite some time
The engine runs quietly
Music turned low
And the faint smell of freon
Drifts throughout
The glove box is open
Spilling debris carelessly
On the immaculate floormat
The door is not quite closed
A faint bell heard inside
A soft voice warning
"The door is ajar."

Yay, for leaving your comfort zone. I have such a neat idea for an exercise, but I don't want it to come so closely on the tail of this one, and so I wait, somewhat impatiently, at least a day or so.