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This and that...

A couple of things...

* Challenges. First of all, people have already contributed some really great responses to the first writers' challenge. Go add your own! I'm envisioning this as a weekly thing, but we'll see how it goes.

* Workshopping. I'm going to post some guidelines about workshopping. Some things like what writers should preface their pieces with (what sorts of critiques they're looking for - "I'm concerned about the dialogue, so feedback on that is appreciated", information about the piece, and so on) and how readers should respond. These are only guidelines, as well. Not everyone's been in a workshop before, and it's definitely a skill in its own right.

* Posting. Even though I created this community and moderate it, I don't want to be a leader type around here. I'd like this community to be a democratic place - a communist place, dare I say? - where writers do what works for them. Create your own challenges, share your work, ask questions, share your ideas, ask for help, share links, give advice - whatever! That being said, I hope we can agree on some basic guidelines (I seem to be overusing that word), such as play nice, LJ-cut your stories, don't be a dick, etc. I want this to be a friendly place where we're all comfortable sharing our creativity. I also hope it's an open enough place for people to share any kind of writing. Do we really need to have warnings here (OMG! NC-17!!!11)? I hope not. But again, if people want that sort of thing, I'll play along.

* New Members. As we've just "opened," we have a lot of new members. I'm thinking about doing an "introduce yourself" post for people to talk a bit about themselves and about their writing. Is this a good idea? Is it a little too touchy-feely? Give me some feedback.

Write on (I can't help myself sometimes),
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